About publisher UGNTU

Publisher UGNTU created for the publishing activities of the University in order to provide multi-level academic education, scientific research, innovation, information, cultural, educational and other activities. The main directions of houses are preparation and publication of educational, scientific, scientific periodicals, advertising and information publications and cultural publications. A high level of professional development and advanced printing equipment allow to quickly and efficiently solve tasks.

Currently, Publisher – an enterprise of a full cycle, which provides:

  • editing, proofreading, typesetting manuscripts;
  • design registration materials;
  • printing of all kinds of educational and methodical and scientific literature.

Publisher UGNTU produces the whole range of scientific, educational and methodical literature:

  • monographs
  • tutorials
  • training materials and manuals
  • lectures
  • conference materials, collections of reports
  • scientific periodicals and more.

If necessary, the materials assigned ISBN.

Department of scientific publications and is preparing the release of the following publications:

  • Scientific and technical journal “Oil and Gas Business”;
  • Electronic scientific editions of “Oil and Gas Business”;
  • Scientific and technical journal “Bulletin of the young scientist UGNTU.”

Editor of scientific publications is sending materials for publication, work with the Institute for reviewing, editing and layout of the scientific journal issues

Publishing department performs:

  • literary editing – editing style, and improving the structure of the work;
  • scientific editing – evaluating the appropriateness statement of the facts;
  • proofreading (proofread) as the manuscripts and original layouts.

Prepress department performs:

  • Design;
  • artistic and technical editing;
  • desktop publishing;
  • scanning and processing of illustrations;
  • creating map-chart;
  • electronic imposition, installation manual;

Department of offset printing:

has at its disposal many-sided printing equipment oriented print color and black-and-white books and magazines in paperback editions of 100 to 500 copies. Organizes photocopying, binding, printing documents with electronic media and other services to ensure the educational process and scientific research work UGNTU.