Chief editor

Bakhtizin Ramil Nazifovich – chief editor of the scientific and technical journal “Oil and Gas Business” and electronic scientific edition “The oil and gas business.”

Ramil Nazifovich Bakhtizin was born on 30 March 1955 in Ufa. He graduated in 1977 Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty of Leningrad State University (St. Petersburg State University) on a specialty “Mathematics”, in 1983 – post-graduate studies, doctoral studies in 1992- doctoral studies Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry named after M. Azizbekov. Bakhtizin was distributed in the Ufa Petroleum Institute (since 1993 – Ufa State Petroleum Technological University), where he began his professional career at the Department of Higher Mathematics Engineer, continuing at the end of graduate school as a teacher, senior teacher, assistant professor, since December 1992. – Professor of the Chair. In 1995 he organized and headed the department of mathematical modeling. Since 1999 he was at the same time dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, with 2001- Vice Rector for Academic Affairs. In the 2007-2014 years. at the same time he served as head of the department of mathematics. In 2011 he was elected President of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Bakhtizin Ramil Nazifovich – author of over 150 scientific papers, including 6 monographs. He participated in many international conferences. He is a member of dissertation councils for the defense of doctoral thesis Research interests – application of mathematical methods and mathematical modeling of the processes of oil and gas production, transportation, refining and oil and gas sector in the economy. Scientific developments introduced at the enterprises of the fuel industry, Energy. Research and teaching activities invariably associated with Ufa State Petroleum Technologicall University. Winner of the Bashkir Komsomol in science and engineering – for his work on hydrodynamics, rheology of complex fluids (1985). He was awarded the title “Honorary Worker of the Gas Industry” (1998). Honored Scientist of the Republic of Bashkortostan (2001). Awarded the Medal of Academician Kapitsa (2005).